The 5 Best Bitcoin Brokers

The Big Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchange and Trading Brokers List

Here’s finally a complete and updated guide to the top 5 Bitcoin Brokers.

Cryptocurrencies have assumed an increasingly important role within the financial markets. Born as an alternative digital currency circuit, they attracted the attention of connoisseurs after making their fortune with the first traders who had the merit of believing in them.

The exponential growth of the main crypto-currency, then, has made these assets known to the general public, further expanding an already important echo.

However, having arrived today, it’s important to pay close attention when choosing a trading platform: which are the best Bitcoin brokers currently in circulation?

In fact, there are many exchanges where it’s possible to buy and sell crypto currencies. But are we sure that this is the best way to invest in the digital currency market? In addition, there are also numerous fictional platforms that promise quick and effortless profits, which increases your credibility by misusing the Bitcoin brand name.

So, what are the safest alternatives? Speaking of the best Bitcoin brokers we’ll analyze:

CFD Trading

Best available Platforms

Difference between Bitcoin Brokers and Exchanges

The objective is to provide a complete picture of the safe and certified brokers with whom it is possible to invest, deepening all their pros compared to traditional investment methods.

So, before we start, here is a summary table:

Bitcoin’s Best Brokers: CFD Trading

As we have been able to anticipate, there are several possibilities for those who want to invest in cryptocurrency.

However, not all offer the same levels of security: in the past we have had the opportunity to analyze websites such as Bitcoin Evolution or Arbistar, which promise easy profits by declaring the infallibility of supposed investment algorithms.

It goes without saying that these platforms should be avoided a priori, since there are no foolproof trading strategies and it is only a lure to convince unsuspecting investors to entrust their capital to these companies (where they will regularly disappear).

Speaking of more reliable platforms, however, the choice boils down to a few exchanges and a few CFD brokers. We will have the opportunity to go into the differences between these two options in more detail in the following paragraphs: for the time being we anticipate that the former have some rather important disadvantages compared to the latter.

Let’s now look at how CFDs work and why they’re the most recommended tool for buying Bitcoin (and more) today.

Ultimately, what are the top 5 bitcoin brokers? Here is the complete list with the relative minimum deposits to sign up:


Let’s open our list by talking about eToro: this Bitcoin broker has been on the crest of the wave for many years and has now exceeded 11 million subscribers.

The reason for this success can be found in a few key areas:

  • Huge CFD catalog
  • integrity of the offer and innovative tools
  • high level customer support

In fact, at eToro we find a really huge catalog of assets, accessible to all subscribers for free. The broker’s offering includes stocks, commodities, ETFs, indices and of course crypto currencies. Finding the CFD you’re interested in is very easy, as all you have to do is enter your reference asset in the search bar and within seconds you’ll have the full prospectus for all your trading options in front of you.

As we can see in the Bitcoin CFD, at any time it will be possible to have a generic picture of the recent trend of cryptocurrency. Clicking on the CFD will open a more detailed diagram, which includes graphs based on different time intervals and other useful data to plot a complete analysis. From here you can simply choose the type of position you want to open (long or short) and start trading.

Trade Bitcoin without commissions with eToro CFD

eToro also provides its members with an automatic, legal and authorized investment service. We specify these two features because all too often automatic trading is associated with scam attempts against inexperienced investors. Here, however, everything is perfectly regulated and therefore safe.

In fact, Copy Trading allows you to analyze the trades made by other traders on the platform, offering us the possibility to copy them back to our account. Our profit at this point will depend on how much we have decided to invest in them.

Therefore, we’ll be able to automatically invest in Bitcoin:

  • Registering for free at eToro
  • accessing the Top Traders section and identifying a Bitcoin trader
  • give the system the directive to replicate your operations in our account

Simple, immediate and above all safe!

Try eToro’s Copy Trading for automatic Bitcoin trading – it’s free

In addition, if you want to familiarize yourself with the system, you can always take advantage of the free demo account. This way you will have access to all of eToro’s tools using only virtual money and can practice without any risk.

Discover the full potential of crypto currency trading with the free demo account


Why do we talk about Plus500? This Bitcoin broker has had a constant growth throughout the years, associating its brand to important sponsorships also in the sports field (the alliances with Atlético de Madrid and Atalanta are famous).

The company offers CFD and has more than 2000 assets in its catalog, all operating legally and authorized by the Cysec license. The success comes from a multilevel structure of the platform, usable through the application for mobile devices (one of the most downloaded in the application stores) as well as in the web version.

We define it as multilevel because its instrumentation, always at hand, allows both novice and more experienced traders to move in the market with awareness, using graphics and data for in-depth analysis.

When analyzing the Bitcoin CFD, we can see that basic information about the crypt-currency and its recent fluctuations is also present here. We find the opening buttons for long and short positions, which, once selected, allow us to set the figures we want to trade.

Moreover, at Plus500 the choice is not limited only to Bitcoin: as we have said, in the catalog of more than 2000 assets there are numerous cryptosystems capable of satisfying the wishes of any trader. Registration is free and there are no fixed trading rates!

Register for free at Plus500 to trade with cryptocurrencies

Operating at Plus500 is also really within everyone’s reach! Suffice it to say that the minimum deposit is only $100, which means that the initial investment required is negligible compared to the profit potential. Not to mention the possibility, of course, of registering in Demo mode and exploring the catalog, the tools and everything else the site has to offer, with no limitations!

Discover all the tools of Plus500 with the free demo account

Iq Option

Iq Option is a relatively young broker, compared to others we have analyzed, but in a few years of experience it has already managed to consolidate itself in the sector.

The philosophy behind this is to make trading truly accessible to all, while keeping costs to a minimum. Spreads are in fact very low, but this is not the main aspect: at Iq Option it’s possible to start investing in Bitcoin with a minimum deposit of just £10.

A derisory figure, therefore, that allows even the simple curious to really invest in the financial markets with a very low risk. In addition, the minimum trade is $1, further proof that even those who are not well capitalized can make a profit with Iq Option CFDs.

CFDs that, as we see, are simple and clear: we find the current value of the asset (in this case Bitcoin), the recent trend and the possibility of opening a long or short position. Iq Option also enjoys a Cysec license, which guarantees the security of its platform.

Invest in Bitcoin with Iq Option’s free CFDs

Another highly appreciated aspect of this broker is its training section, where users can access, free of charge, numerous videos that adequately explain the fundamentals of trading and the operation of the proprietary platform Iq Option 4.0. It is available in both a web-based version and an App for mobile devices, allowing access to the markets at any time and in any place.

Finally, like all top brokers, a free demo account is also available at IQ Option to explore the platform’s options and tools without risk.

What is a Bitcoin Broker: Definition and Functionality

You probably know that you need a broker if you want to trade shares, CFDs etc. But what exactly is a cryptocurrency broker? What does a broker do for a living? Do all crypto brokers work the same way? How do the different providers in the market differ?

This article provides a broker definition, concretizes the meaning of online brokers and explains how brokers work, which different types of brokers there are and which services are typically offered beyond trading. Take a look behind the scenes of the trading platform!

What is a Broker in General?

A broker is a service provider. In the broadest sense, brokers provide you with technical equipment with which you can trade on the markets. A securities broker receives orders from his customers by telephone, fax or via an online platform and forwards the orders to the stock exchange or acquires the securities for you by way of a commission transaction.

An online broker accepts orders primarily via the Internet. If you use an “execution-only” online broker to implement strategies, you make decisions yourself without the need for tied consultation. In most cases, brokers manage accounts and securities accounts at the same time. If you order a security from a broker, it is then held in the custody account for you. The broker charges fees for trading in securities as well as for managing the securities account and other services, if applicable.

Bitcoin Broker Definition: There are different Types of Cryptocurrency Brokers

The services provided by CFD brokers are somewhat different from those of brokers in the securities business. With a (cryptocurrency) CFD broker as such you do not order securities traded on the stock exchange, such as shares. Instead, you conclude a contract for the settlement of differences with the broker. Such contracts for difference (CFDs) provide for a mutual claim to cash settlement after price movements.

If you win, the broker must credit your account. If you lose, the loss is debited to your account. A contract with a CFD broker therefore involves more than just the execution of orders.

There can be no single definition of a broker, because there are very different types of brokers. For example, a distinction must be made between brokers and broker-dealers.

Broker for Securities Trading

For securities trading, private customers need a broker and a securities account. Usually both services are offered by one provider. Most brokers in the securities business are now online brokers.

What is an online broker? An online broker essentially accepts orders via the Internet and not by telephone or fax. This is obvious, as orders received by the broker by telephone are also forwarded to the stock exchange via this channel anyway.

In order for a broker to forward orders from customers to an exchange, he must be registered as a participant on that exchange. For this reason, it is not possible to trade with all brokers on all exchanges. Some providers restrict themselves to German exchanges, others allow trading exclusively on European exchanges and yet others additionally enable the purchase and sale of securities in North America, Asia, etc. If a broker is registered on a futures exchange, he can also offer trading in futures and options.

Broker for Cryptocurrency Trading

There are now a large number of online brokers that offer trading of Cryptocurrency CFDs with leverage. The trading product offers of such crypto brokers can differ a lot. With some of them you can only trade cryptocurrency while with others Bitcoin and altcoin CFDs are only a part of their product range. This means that there are also CFD brokers where you can speculate on classic markets as well as on crypto markets.

With some crypto brokers you can only deposit cryptocurrencies while with others you can also fund your account with Fiat money.


In short, today Bitcoin’s brokers offer the best possible service for buying and selling the queen of cryptomonies. All the platforms we’ve talked about are, in fact, totally secure thanks to the certifications obtained from the supervision and control bodies.

Within them it is possible to find a large catalog of CFDs, an innovative trading tool that can generate great profits even in a short time. Leverage, the possibility of short selling, no commissions, no costs to manage a portfolio: these are just some of the advantages for those who decide to trade with Bitcoin with this tool.

Added to this are the numerous services offered by the different brokers, such as training sections, trading assistants or automatic investment tools. In short, everyone has something special to offer, and your choice will depend solely on how well each broker meets your needs and your “way of trading”.